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A great dental hygiene is important for your health and for having a better and longer life.

Teeth and gum health is related with general conditions and are seen as an early diagnosis tool for your entire body; with some studies linking their status to the health of the baby during a pregnancy.

White, straight teeth may be important for your self-esteem and feeling good in your shoes, and improving your interactions with others.

What you probably didn’t know is that having great teeth has become the new class indicator of the 21st century. People with white, straight teeth make more money, have it easier to get a job, meet more potential partners and, in general, have it easier in life.

Even though we don’t think this is necessarily fair, understanding the issue may help us fixing it. And it starts with a great dental hygiene.

We’ve put together an infographic to better communicate these concepts, I hope you like it!

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