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Have all your questions answered with AMK Dental Clinic!

At AMK Dental Clinic we understand that you will undoubtedly have questions. Whether you would like to know about treatments, appointment times or even payment options, we are happy to answer any and all of your enquiries.

At AMK Dental Clinic we are committed to helping our patients have a stress-free and hassle-free dental experience. That is why we provide advanced dental technology and treatments to give you the best dentistry experience possible.  Our range of technology and our experience are combined so that you walk away from AMK Dental Clinic feeling happy with your treatment and your appointment.

We offer affordable Dental Care, easy financing options, and accept all major insurances

We also provide a range of payment options, some of which include various payment plans and health fund benefits. Also we are a selected provider of Medibank Member’s Choice. We are also a preferred provider for Medibank Private—which means if you’re with Medibank Private you get more back with each visit.

Our FAQ page is geared towards both answering questions that aren’t answered elsewhere on our website and clarifying others. Some of the questions our FAQ sections covers are: our opening hours, what you can do about your bleeding gums, dental emergencies and many others. If you have a question that is not covered by our FAQ section please feel free to contact us either by phone or email. One of our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be more than happy to help you out.



Look forward to

meeting you

Payment Options
At AMK Dental Clinic we understand the stresses of asking about payment options, which is why we have answered your questions for you!

Dental check-ups and treatments are important for more than just your oral health. That is why it so important to look after your oral health. That is why at AMK Dental Clinic we offer a range of payment options to make your visit less stressful.

At AMK Dental Clinic, we accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and EFTPOS for direct payment. We are also providers for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Medicare Teen Dental plans. We are also a selected provider for Medibank Members’ Choice, and preferred providers for Medibank Private, giving you more back with each visit.

We ask that you please settle your account at the end of each appointment or treatment. The difference here is that if you are undergoing a treatment that involves multiple appointments you won’t be billed until the treatment is complete. For example: if you’re getting dental implant treatment, this requires anywhere from 3 to 4 appointments (consultation—insertion of implant—insertion of posts—insertion of prosthetic tooth replacement), but it is one treatment. So payment won’t be required until after the treatment is complete. If you are unsure how the billing process works, please don’t hesitate to discuss this with an AMK Dental staff member.

We are happy to accept other various private health funds and can facilitate immediate claims with HICAPS for your convenience.

High quality complex treatment without financial burden with MacCredit!

Specifically designated for clients having Dental and Orthodontic treatments, MacCredit allows our patients to undergo the treatment they need without the added stress of the bill.

Terms & Conditions:
• Speak to MAC CREDIT for a formal quote based on your circumstances and for the full terms and conditions.

• A full credit and financial assessment would need to be completed prior to acceptance of any offer or product.

AMK Dental Clinic MacCredit
Finance that works for you

Payment plans up to $70,000

Plans up to 84 months

Extended finance options to suit every budget 

Finance all or part of your procedure 

Over the phone transfer

Fast efficient approvals, simply apply online

To go directly to the Mac Credit website and apply click here.

Contact us to book an appointment at our Breakfast Point Dental Clinic, located near Burwood.

Comprehensive Dental Check-up and Clean

The health of you smile comes first here at AMK Dental Clinic. AMK Dental Clinic offers comprehensive dental exams, x-rays and cleans with health providers. While we are the preferred provider for MediBank, we accept a range of different health providers to ensure your dental experience is both simple and hassle free. Contact us today to book your check-up!


At AMK Dental in Sydney, we are confident that our dentistry will exceed your expectations. Our treatments are thorough, precise, and affordable; not only that, our staff are considerate, caring, and dedicated to your needs. Our patients are like family to us, which is why we want you to feel comfortable and at ease during each visit.

Your initial consultation will have a duration of about 1 hour, where Dr Khalessi will assess your dental history, medical history, and address any concerns you may have. He will undertake an exterior examination of your joints, bite, and jaw musculature. A gum and teeth check and oral cancer screening will also be essential during your check-up. In some cases, an x-ray will be taken to establish any issues in the structure of the teeth or below the gum lines. However if you’ve had an x-ray in the past 6 months, we recommend bringing that for evaluation.

Transform your smile with tooth whitening!

Your self-confidence is our priority! Save when you whiten and brighten your smile today with the advanced Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatment. You can now save when you brighten your smile with this effective teeth whitening system. We are also offer a number of additional tooth whitening treatments. We offer a variety of in-chair and take-home tooth whitening systems to suit your smile and your lifestyle. Fill out our online booking form to brighten your smile now!

Tour our Practice

We expressly invite you to take a virtual tour of AMK Dental Clinic… 
AMK Dental Clinic - Front 1.4
AMK Dental Clinic - Front 1.2
AMK Dental Clinic - Reception 1.2
AMK Dental Clinic - Reception 1.1
AMK Dental Clinic - Reception 1.3
AMK Dental Clinic - Room (B) 1.1
AMK Dental Clinic - Sterilisation 1.3
AMK Dental Clinic - Sterilisation 1.1
AMK Dental Clinic - OPG 1.1
AMK Dental Clinic - Room (A) 1.2
AMK Dental Clinic - Room (A) 1.1
AMK Dental Clinic - Room (A) 2.1
First time visitor?
Download and fill out these patient forms to ensure a smooth and less time-consuming first appointment.

At AMK Dental Clinic in Breakfast Point near Burwood, we aim to bring you a smooth and easy process from beginning to end of every phase of your treatment. This is why we have made our patient forms available online to allow our patients to pre-fill and bring with them the correct documents.

These patient forms consist of general health questions that will enable us to provide you with the best possible treatment and care.

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