The Wand


The Wand

Experience a smooth and less painful dental injection with the Wand!

The wand utilises revolutionary new technology that allows a computer to control the rate of anaesthetic injection to the treatment site. In other words, the Wand targets the specific area of your mouth that needs treatment, while leaving the rest of your mouth unaffected. The flow rate of the local anaesthetic is controlled precisely by computer software.


This means that the injection is guaranteed to be slow and steady and your comfort is increased during these dental treatments.


Be less anxious about receiving anaesthetic for your treatment…

Most often, pain experienced by patients when receiving a needle is caused by rapid injection of the anaesthetic. Or that bee-sting feeling, as the needle is held in place so that your entire upper or lower jaw is anaesthetised instead of just the area that needs to be treated. It is possible to control the speed of injection with a standard syringe, but the premise of the Wand is to remove “human error” from the process, and optimise your comfort. Although it is not really human error, it is just that a computer is capable of delivering a more consistently smooth and less painful injection than a human hand.

Optimise your comfort with The Wand…

If you have had a bad experience with needles it won’t matter how good the dentists at AMK Dental are (and we are good), because it’s the application of anaesthetic itself that can be upsetting. The Wand optimises your comfort because the flow of anaesthetic can be regulated throughout your treatment. Also the Wand and allows our dentists here at AMK Dental to numb only the area that needs numbing as opposed to the whole upper or lower jaw. The benefit of this being that it can actually help the dentist gage your reaction better during treatment. The Wand can be very reassuring for people who have had previous bad experiences with anaesthetics.

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