Obtain the most appropriate dental diagnosis with the OPG technology used at AMK Dental Clinic

OPG stands for orthopantomogram. An orthopantomogram is a panoramic or wide view dental X-ray of the upper and lower jaws. It is a helpful tool in the diagnosis of dental health issues, and helps us to plan the most beneficial treatment on a case by case basis. OPG X-rays display details of your teeth and jaws which may not be visible on other X-rays or radiographs.

An OPG is different from the small close-up x-rays. The OPG is used at AMK Dental Clinic to provide information on:

Any problems with the temporomandibular joint

Planning of orthodontic treatment

Wisdom teeth

General overview of your teeth

General overview of the bone that supports your teeth

Assessment for the placement of dental implants

At AMK Dental Centre we would recommend getting an OPG scan at least every two to four years as this x-ray provides a more comprehensive look at our oral health than a regular digital x-ray.

What’s the procedure for an OPG x-ray?

This procedure will not cause you any discomfort. What it will do is provide a comprehensive scan like nothing else.

Before we take the images, you will need to remove glasses, hairclips and any other jewellery on your head and neck that may obscure or otherwise get in the way of the x-ray. Next you’ll need to rest your face on a small shelf and bite gently on a sterile mouth piece to steady your head.

OPG usually takes around 15-20 minutes for the whole procedure so it is important that you stand still while we take the x-rays. Because if you move the image will be blurred and the whole procedure will have to be redone.

OPG is most commonly used for the detection of wisdom teeth.  The earlier wisdom teeth can be detected and removed the better. Ideally, wisdom teeth should be extracted before they erupt.