Dental Technology

Dental Technology in use at AMK Dental Clinic

Advances in dental technology enable the team at AMK Dental Clinic to work with more accuracy and precision, restoring your teeth to their natural beauty, strength and function.

Dental technology in use at AMK Dental Clinic means you experience less discomfort and spend less time in the dentists’ chair.


Dental Microscope

The dental microscope is an essential tool of the trade which both compliments and enhances the other dental technology we use at AMK Dental Clinic.

The enhanced visualisation from the dental microscope gives us much more information about your teeth, helping us provide you with a more effective treatment - and great results.

The dental microscope also allows us to carry out dental treatments, such as teeth whitening and Invisalign, with greater precision and accuracy, resulting in a smile you can have confidence in again.


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AMK Dental Clinic Mortlake.jpg


Cosmetic dentistry has never been easier or quicker with CEREC porcelain veneers. If you have chipped, broken or stained teeth, but don’t have time for multiple trips to the dentist, our CEREC machine makes crowns and restorations in just one visit.

The benefits of CEREC include:

Crowns and restorations which are natural looking, long-lasting and durable – just like your real teeth.

Less hassle – no need for messy impressions or temporary crowns, fillings or in-between visits

Less discomfort – one visit means fewer injections


The Dental Wand is ‘magic’ for those who hate needles.

The AMK Dental team are specialists in anxiety free dentistry. We successfully use the dental wand with many of our patients who experience anxiety.

The dental wand, which looks more like a pen, is much less intimidating than a syringe, and it controls the flow rate and pressure of the injection, making the whole process more comfortable. The computer control allows for optimal needle positioning, making it more accurate and effective than the traditional syringe. 

Another benefit of the dental wand is less recovery time - in most cases, you can go straight back to work after your procedure. The improved accuracy means that anaesthesia is delivered only to where it’s needed -  so you don’t end up with a numb tongue or cheek.

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AMK Dental Clinic Mortlake.jpeg

OPG gives dentists a bigger picture

The OPG, or orthopantogram, gives us a panoramic view of your entire jaw and lower face, displaying details which x-rays or radiographs may not pick up. Whether you have a dental emergency or if you’re experiencing an on-going dental issue, the OPG is an important dentists’ tool which enables us to more accurately identify problems, both current and potential.



One of the biggest and most significant advances in dental technology is the on-going development of the dental laser. At AMK, we use the Sirolaser to give our patients the best possible results, with fewer appointments, less recovery time and reduced need for stitches.

The Sirolaser precisely targets the exact area needing treatment while leaving surrounding tissue untouched, meaning recovery time is reduced.

The team at AMK Dental Clinic believe in striking a balance between effective use of dental technology and a caring approach tailored towards each individual patient. Contact us today for an appointment and let us transform your smile.

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